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...when only a rummage will do!

Postage starts at £4.50 and rises to a maximum of £22.50 for the largest shipments. But you can get lots of small items and still only pay £4.50 and a lovely pile of stuff for £9! You’ll get the idea when you test the shopping basket — but the more items you buy the less you’ll pay for shipping per item.

For more information please read our AstroBoot FAQs.

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Spare parts for telescopes Abbreviations: SW = Sky Watcher MI = Meade Instruments CE = Celestron LO = Losmandy AP = Astro Physics AE = Astro Engineering GEM = German Equatorial Mount

SW EQ1 base£5.80 Buy
32mm Fast-blow 5A 250V fuses£2.10 Buy
3x Dobbo feet£5.00 Buy
SW Spider vane knob£2.30 Buy
SW M5 EQ2 & EQ3 tray screw£1.70 Buy
SW Dobbo fixing screws£4.00 Buy
SW Dobbo base foot£1.30 Buy
HEQ5 tripod leg£32.50 Buy
Wooden tripod leg£33.30 Buy
SW EQ3 Polar cap£5.00 Buy
Red dot finder - flat base£7.30 Buy
ETX70/80 base bolt£2.30 Buy
SW Synscan PC cable£4.40 Buy
SW knurled camera lock£3.00 Buy
SW Heritage 130P dust cap£6.00 Buy
MI LX200 GPS Micro switch£6.90 Buy
SW 70mm refractor alt. boss£3.50 Buy
SW 275mm flexi knob£5.20 Buy
SW AZ goto handset cable£13.00 Buy
SW EQ6 Latitude locks M10£10.60 Buy
SW EQ2 Tripod head£7.70 Buy
SW EQ6 side trim£8.30 Buy
SW HEQ5 Lat scale£8.30 Buy
SW HEQ5 side trim£8.30 Buy
SW Flextube lock bloc£3.50 Buy
AZ GoTo Tripod leg only£15.20 Buy
LO G11 RA/DEC motor£29.20 Buy
240V RF suppresor£1.90 Buy
Eyepiece tray£2.90 Buy
SW EQ-2 altitude lock bolts£7.90 Buy
MI LX200 GPS RA mtr bloc£95.80 Buy
LX200 GPS front panel£50.80 Buy
A6 LX200 GPS front panel£45.00 Buy
M8 x 18mm Tripod leg locks£3.10 Buy
MI ETX base screws£4.60 Buy
Zeiss Aseros eyecup£28.30 Buy
LO G11 main circuit board£80.00 Buy
MI Autostar #497 cable£16.70 Buy
AZ & DS control panel£5.60 Buy
LO 40mm stand off£4.00 Buy
LO G11 tripod leg lock£11.30 Buy
8x20 finder£4.60 Buy
MI LX200 Classic h/bx cable£9.00 Buy
MI LX200GPS auto-level mudule£39.20 Buy
Tripod head£5.60 Buy
Dobbo side bearing£6.70 Buy
SW Flextube PTFE core£3.30 Buy
30mm finder bracket£7.90 Buy
A6 SW QR red dot finder £4.60 Buy
Flextube truss-pole cap£2.90 Buy
SW Flextube hand knob£3.30 Buy
MI LX200GPS CB2 board£34.20 Buy
EQ Tripod head £5.60 Buy
Nylon spacer£2.30 Buy
SW EQ2 base boss£5.60 Buy
SW Heavy Duty tool kit£3.30 Buy
Tripod QR platform£3.30 Buy
Tripod QR platform£3.30 Buy
SW 8x AA battery box£11.30 Buy
24.5mm dust cap set£2.90 Buy
SW tool kit set£2.90 Buy
SW EQ2 c/balance shaft£6.50 Buy
SW 76mm reflector yoke£9.00 Buy
Small tube with rack£2.90 Buy
SW accessory tray£4.60 Buy
SW M8 Latitude bolt£5.60 Buy
Sky Watcher tool kit£1.90 Buy
Truss strut 8" SW dobbo£4.60 Buy
Losmandy G11 main board£40.00 Buy
M8 x 30mm Tee knob£2.30 Buy
3/8" X 1-3/4" sock/caps£3.30 Buy
leg spreader fixing£4.60 Buy
Yoke for 60mm scope£9.00 Buy
M8 x 85mm bolts x3£1.90 Buy
1/4" x 3/4" S/S thumb knobs£1.90 Buy
Tripod head for EQZ£5.60 Buy
M10 x 30mm Tee knob£2.30 Buy
Big knob for AZGT/SupaTrak£3.30 Buy
EQ3 polar scope holder£2.30 Buy
2 hole base for red dot£1.90 Buy
80mm dia steel washer£2.30 Buy
SupaTrak Tripod hub £8.30 Buy
Level ass. for LX200 GPS£30.00 Buy
Sky Watcher tripod tray£3.30 Buy