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...when only a rummage will do!

Postage starts at £4.50 and rises to a maximum of £22.50 for the largest shipments. But you can get lots of small items and still only pay £4.50 and a lovely pile of stuff for £9! You’ll get the idea when you test the shopping basket — but the more items you buy the less you’ll pay for shipping per item.

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Miscellaneous The flotsam and jetsum of an optical world

15-45x52 spotter£24.00 Buy
12v 3m ext cord£2.50 Buy
lens pen/blower£4.20 Buy
rechargeable car torch£1.70 Buy
5pc cleaning kit£2.10 Buy
250mm TT Tripod£1.70 Buy
10x25 Compact bino£6.70 Buy
110mm World globe£3.00 Buy
Pack 10x 3V torch bulbs£0.60 Buy
Golf scope£6.70 Buy
Digi camera brkt£18.00 Buy
2x AC Euro plug adaps£1.90 Buy
3x 104mm hands-free magnifier £9.00 Buy
Pocket knife£2.30 Buy
Carry case £4.20 Buy
Swing out magnifier£3.30 Buy
MS Experiment set£5.60 Buy
7 Piece service kit£4.60 Buy
8x21 Golf Scope£5.60 Buy
A6 12x32 Monocular£2.90 Buy
A4 Mini tripod£0.40 Buy
AC524 41mm Adap T for Olympus£5.60 Buy
2x Bresser Pedometers£2.90 Buy
Bresser keep fit Pedometer£1.90 Buy
868MHz Temperature sender £7.90 Buy
433MHz Temperature sender £5.60 Buy
Credit card magnifier£0.80 Buy
30mm magnetic compass£1.90 Buy
5" World Globe£7.90 Buy
Steel tripod 'blade' £5.00 Buy
Survival gadget thingy£3.30 Buy
Magnifier Lupe 3x£4.40 Buy
Illuminated magnifier£5.60 Buy
5pc cleaning kit in case £3.50 Buy
150mm world globe£4.40 Buy
2x Magnifier£3.30 Buy
Eye-glass magnifier 3.5x£4.60 Buy
Reading magnifier£8.50 Buy
Credit card 2x magnif£2.50 Buy
Monster pod£7.90 Buy
Multi tool with case£3.30 Buy
Gerber type multi-tool£3.30 Buy