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...when only a rummage will do!

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Telescope and astronomy stuff Abbreviations: SW = Sky Watcher MI = Meade Instruments CE = Celestron LO = Losmandy AP = Astro Physics AE = Astro Engineering GEM = German Equatorial Mount EP = Eyepiece NP = Nose-piece HBX = Handbox MAEA = May be Available Elsewhere on AB

SW NEQ-6 Tripod£75.00 Buy
NEQ6 Pro head£635.00 Buy
130P 130 x 650mm OTA£45.00 Buy
A5 SW AZ GOTO D/base£25.00 Buy
SW AZ GoTo head & tripod£70.00 Buy
SW 130PDS Parabolic Newt£125.00 Buy
1.25" 11mm 80deg EP£22.00 Buy
SW QR finder shoe£5.00 Buy
SW Tripod for EQ-2£28.00 Buy
1.25" GSO 5x Barlow£20.00 Buy
Helios Aero 10x42 blow-out! £95.00 Buy
1.25" 16mm 80deg EP£20.00 Buy
Nirvana 10x42 Blow-out!£129.00 Buy
SW 1.25" 2x T-thread Barlow£13.00 Buy
1.25" 60mm refractor£20.00 Buy
NEQ6 EQ6 5kg weight£15.00 Buy
SW 130mm front cell inc mirror£6.00 Buy
SW 30mm finder brkt £6.00 Buy
T ring for Sony£4.50 Buy
SW Observing chair£40.00 Buy
A6 SW Virtuoso AZ mount £25.00 Buy
SW V4 SynScan handset£75.00 Buy
Helios Aero 8x42 blow-out! £95.00 Buy
1.25" 4 piece dust cap set£1.75 Buy
AE 2" PST convert adap£22.00 Buy
Big binocular eyepiece£4.00 Buy
DLX 12" LX200 Piggy brkt£12.00 Buy
PP3 battery box£1.95 Buy
62mm T thread ext tube£5.00 Buy
62mm T ext tube £5.00 Buy
SW Heritage Dob base£29.00 Buy
SW EQ2 mount and tripod kit£49.00 Buy
48mm Rotating filter ring£2.50 Buy
SW Tripod for AZ Goto£25.00 Buy
2x Focus knob rubbers£2.50 Buy
CB weights for EQ3/5 £16.00 Buy
326mm metal dust cap£10.00 Buy
1.25" EP project. adap.£12.00 Buy
A4 60mm Vanguard AZ refractor£20.00 Buy
SW 60mm x fl 700 frac OTA£16.00 Buy
Small ally EP case£20.00 Buy
A4 SW EQ2 equatorial mount£23.00 Buy
EQ3 small weight A4£8.00 Buy
0.965 18mm erecting EP£2.00 Buy
AC624 Webcam nosepiece£6.00 Buy
SW Infinity 76 telescope£12.00 Buy
 Who you gonna call? SCTelescopes!
130mm 900mm fl mirror£12.00 Buy
130mm mirror set A5£20.00 Buy
SW AZGOTO mount£20.00 Buy
SW 100P Newt on 130P base£40.00 Buy
SW 130p 650mm fl OTA£35.00 Buy
12" Flextube no optics£60.00 Buy
AC515 LX200 micro focus knob £14.00 Buy
Coronado AP186 adap £10.00 Buy
Focus Master for 8" telescopes£9.00 Buy
SW EQ-5 tripod£65.00 Buy
SW AZ GOTO head£45.00 Buy
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No 47 Filter (GSO)£2.75 Buy
48mm filter retaining ring£1.75 Buy
SW 2" 28mm EP£20.00 Buy
EQ1 GEM head£15.00 Buy
Focuser for 130P£15.00 Buy
A6 Eq1 mount part£9.00 Buy
AE 2" guide scope adap£10.00 Buy
50mm finder with 1.25" fit £14.00 Buy
4PC Cleaning kit£1.75 Buy
A6 AZ GoTo head£10.00 Buy
A5 SW Red dot finder with 2 bases £5.00 Buy
Bolt-on 20mm spirit level £3.50 Buy
76mm Newt OTA£16.00 Buy
SW Tripod for AZ Goto£20.00 Buy
SW 60mm 700mm fl refractor£20.00 Buy
AC553 40.5mm to T adap£3.00 Buy
2" to 1.25" off-axis adap£12.00 Buy
Dew shield to fit 96.50mm£5.00 Buy
76mm P/bolic mirror set£10.00 Buy
SW 2.2kg C/bal weight£7.50 Buy
AC414 webcam NP£6.00 Buy
Hot shoe 2 hole finder brkt£4.50 Buy
Quick release T/pod mount£4.50 Buy
A6 incomplete microscope£15.00 Buy
1.25" Collimation Sight tube£12.00 Buy
SP EP fit ring£2.00 Buy
1.25" Auto-collimater£12.00 Buy
2x Velour soft pouch£2.00 Buy
A5 1/2" x 6" & 3/4" stud knob £3.00 Buy
Pick-off prism on mount£10.00 Buy
A6 SynScan HBX£5.00 Buy
SW 9x30 finder on QR brkt£19.00 Buy
EP ring & 3 screws£3.00 Buy
2" to 1.25" High Prof adap£6.00 Buy
25x25mm poly cases£2.00 Buy
2" to webcam adap£6.00 Buy
SW 1.25" 2x T-thread Barlow£15.00 Buy
8x25 Rubber eyecup£1.75 Buy
3.7V Li-ion DV-10 battery£3.50 Buy
3.7V Li-ion NP40 battery£3.50 Buy
3.7V Li-ion NP-45 battery£3.50 Buy
3.7V Li-ion NP40 battery£3.50 Buy
3.7V Li-ion NP-120 battery£3.50 Buy
SW 1.25" 25mm MA EP£7.00 Buy
Phono to BNC adap£1.75 Buy
Piggyback Brkt for 12" SCT£25.00 Buy
SureSharp for Minolta MD£28.00 Buy
60mm x 850mm refractor£20.00 Buy
SW EQ2 mount head£25.00 Buy
Lum Meade 2" diag adapt£10.00 Buy
A5 EQ2 odd top£20.00 Buy
4.25kg C/bal weight 25.4mm £25.00 Buy
2.1kg C/bal weight 12.3mm £13.00 Buy
3.8kg C/bal weight 12.6mm £15.00 Buy
8 pin to 8pin DIN lead £2.50 Buy
AE Azimuth index for wedge£5.00 Buy
MI Azimuth index for wedge£5.00 Buy
12" SCT c/balance system£25.00 Buy
12" SCT piggy-back brkt£30.00 Buy
12" SCT piggy back bkt£27.00 Buy
Metal 196.5mm dust cap£5.00 Buy
Olympus - OM T ring£4.50 Buy
Praktica 200B T ring£4.50 Buy
Minolta Maxxum T ring£4.50 Buy
Pentax K T ring£4.50 Buy
Pentax screw T ring£3.00 Buy
Olympus Micro 4/3 T ring£6.00 Buy
4/3 T ring (Olympus)£5.00 Buy
Sight tube collimator£15.00 Buy
Auto-collimation EP£15.00 Buy
1.25" no80A blue filter£4.00 Buy
1.25" 15mm SPL EP£18.00 Buy
MI 1.25" 25mm MA EP£10.00 Buy
T thread & 2" to webcam£5.00 Buy
T thread & 2" to webcam£6.00 Buy
12" SCT to SM90 adap£20.00 Buy
7 pc Optics cleaning & tool kit£4.50 Buy
2" nose-piece£6.00 Buy
4 line jack to 4 line jack £2.00 Buy
8x21 golf scope£5.00 Buy
Questar Camera adap£8.00 Buy
SW Tripod for EQ-1 £22.00 Buy
SW 2.2kg C/bal weight£8.50 Buy
1m 2.5 to 2.5 ext£2.00 Buy
5m 2.5 to 2.5 ext£3.00 Buy
SW Heritage 130P OTA£45.00 Buy
SW Explorer 130 OTA only£35.00 Buy
AC521 Nikon to T£8.00 Buy
Large Porro prisms£4.00 Buy
SW L dovetail bracket£5.00 Buy
SW 60mm x 700mm refractor£19.00 Buy
SW 6x30mm finder £10.00 Buy
Olympus OM T ring£3.50 Buy
Table-top tripod£3.00 Buy
AE AC394 Pier tray £25.00 Buy
2x Phono plugs£2.00 Buy
2x Phono sockets £2.00 Buy
Azimuth index for LX200 wedge£10.00 Buy
AC304 2" to SCT VB adap£15.00 Buy
52mm Petal lens hood£7.00 Buy
LO G11 pier top£35.00 Buy
A4 SW EQ1 mount£22.00 Buy
130P x 650mm fl mirror£25.00 Buy
Focus Master for 12" SCT£16.00 Buy
Focus Master for 14" SCT£18.00 Buy
130mm mirror set£30.00 Buy
5" dual rail ring£10.00 Buy
24.5mm 1.5x Barlow£4.50 Buy
AC531 Adap T for Fuji£4.00 Buy
GPS holder£4.00 Buy
Universal finder mount£2.00 Buy
EQ3 large weight A4£8.00 Buy
A6 EQ2 GEM parts£8.00 Buy
SW EQ1 GEM £25.00 Buy
HEQ5 tripod leg£20.00 Buy
M12 to 3/8" adap piller£20.00 Buy
130mm P/bolic mirror£12.00 Buy
Goggle red lens£1.75 Buy
Metal 2 hole finder bracket ND £1.75 Buy
3 weights = 1.14 kg£10.00 Buy
SW Tool Kit - 4pc£1.75 Buy
SW QR & 2 hole fit red dot finder£10.00 Buy
6x RCA/Phono plugs£1.75 Buy
A6 SW Heritage 76 Dob£20.00 Buy
SW 60mm x 700mm fl refractor £19.00 Buy
DC 5.5V 200mA PSU£5.00 Buy
AC026 ETX acc plate£5.00 Buy
SW 1.25" 20mm MA EP£8.00 Buy
AE 1.25" 2x & 1.5x Barlow£15.00 Buy
AC551 30.5mm (Canon) to T£5.00 Buy
AC560 62mm to T£3.00 Buy
AC721 adap ring£3.50 Buy
GSO 1.25" 5x Barlow£25.00 Buy
2.5m Plug to plug 3.5mm£1.75 Buy
Meade EQ leg for ETX RA£2.50 Buy
2.2kg weight for 12.5mm CBS£7.50 Buy
A3 SW 335mm dovetail bar£4.00 Buy
M6 fit plastic caps£2.50 Buy
MI 1.25" 20mm MA EP£8.00 Buy
AC603 6mm T extension tube £5.00 Buy
2" (48mm) Skylight filter£4.50 Buy
600mm scope tripod£4.75 Buy
4PC cleaning kit£2.00 Buy
Skylux 70mm x 700mm refr£28.00 Buy
1.25" 12mm erect EP£7.00 Buy
20mm Compass£2.50 Buy
24.5mm 1.5x Barlow lens£3.00 Buy
24.5mm 3x Barlow lens£5.00 Buy
A6 SW EQ2 GEM£11.00 Buy
AE SW focal reducer adap£8.00 Buy
SW EQ2 GEM £25.00 Buy
24.5mm 2x Barlow£2.75 Buy
2x BaK4 Porro prisms£3.00 Buy
A6 SW AZ GOTO£15.00 Buy
Red dot finder flat base£5.00 Buy
1.25" 1.5 x erecting lens£3.00 Buy
SW 1.25" 25mm MA EP£8.00 Buy
AE Camera mount£4.00 Buy
24.5mm star diagonal£4.00 Buy
2 hole to QR adap£5.00 Buy
AE Tandem mount for PST£20.00 Buy
SW 1.25" 20mm MA£7.00 Buy
Silicone tip Air blaster£2.00 Buy
AC378 Webcam NP£6.00 Buy
1.25" posh EP plug (Blue) £3.00 Buy
AE Meade DSI Pro holder£5.00 Buy
Lens pen blower£5.00 Buy
AE Magnimax AC555£14.00 Buy
SW EQ2-3-5 access tray£7.00 Buy
Metal foot for QR shoe £4.00 Buy
2.5mm to 2.1mm Jack adap£2.00 Buy
High profile 2" to 1.25"£5.00 Buy
AC540 12" Rad brkts£10.00 Buy
6x20 2 hole finder£4.00 Buy
SW Red dot finder (2 hole)£10.00 Buy
SW Red dot finder (QR)£10.00 Buy
SW AZ GoTo handbx holder£5.00 Buy
SW 2" EP adaptor (57mm fit)£8.00 Buy
24.5mm Moon filter£2.00 Buy
A4 SW 1.25" 25mm MA £4.00 Buy
24.5mm accessory set£9.00 Buy
1.25" nosing 39.9mm ID£3.00 Buy
1.25" Criterion 18mm EP£10.00 Buy
AC164 LX200 tripod align aid£12.00 Buy
Pentax KM T mount£3.00 Buy
25mm finder holder£4.00 Buy
AE AC555 MagniMax£12.00 Buy
MI ETX 125 base fitting (AC270)£5.00 Buy
AC292 Wheel-Easy ext. bars£10.00 Buy
SolarMax 90 to 12" SCT adap£35.00 Buy
AC156 ETX to LX wedge£10.00 Buy
Steel tripod 'blade' £5.00 Buy
7 mixed dust caps£4.50 Buy
Olympus OM T ring£3.00 Buy
M6 x 60mm knob£2.00 Buy
2x M8 x 75mm bolts & knobs£2.50 Buy
A5 SW EQ2 mount£12.00 Buy
Mount ring tripod plate£4.00 Buy
Small tube with rack£2.50 Buy
100x30mm Alu plate £2.50 Buy
SW 1.25" 25mm MA EP£7.00 Buy
1.25" 10 & 20mm MA EP set£9.00 Buy
FR bolt bottle£1.75 Buy
60mm x 700mm object lens£5.00 Buy
60mm x900mm object lens£5.00 Buy
1.25" SW 20mm MA EP£8.00 Buy
SW red dot finder£10.00 Buy
Collimation knobs for 8" SCT£4.00 Buy
Collimation knobs for 12" SCT£4.00 Buy
Collimation knobs for 10" SCT£4.00 Buy
Coronado SM90 to 107mm£5.00 Buy
T thread digi-camera brkt Where is this? ND£10.00 Buy
A4 steel 5" ring £9.00 Buy
1.25" and .965" EP tray£3.00 Buy
SW red dot finder pedestal£3.00 Buy
AC euro adap plug£1.75 Buy
Female T mount core£1.75 Buy
50mm bino lens£5.00 Buy
Meade GOTO VHS tape£2.50 Buy
Piggy/b bkrt 12" SCT£22.00 Buy
ETX to LX wedge£15.00 Buy
8x20 two hole finder£4.00 Buy
ETX to wedge plate£10.00 Buy
62mm T thread ext tube£5.00 Buy
SW EQ1 eyepiece tray£4.00 Buy
8x32 kids scope£5.00 Buy
Midi camera case£8.00 Buy
camera case & tripod £10.00 Buy
Camera case and mini tripod£10.00 Buy
A6 Red dot finder£4.00 Buy
SW AZGT Battery box£8.00 Buy
SW 1.25" 25mm MA EP£7.00 Buy
AC560 62mm filter to T£3.50 Buy
5pc cleaning kit in case £5.00 Buy
60mm x 700mm FL lens£8.00 Buy
60mm x 900mm FL lens£8.00 Buy
80mm 387g weight£7.00 Buy
1.25" 25mm MA EP£8.00 Buy
EQ-2 equatorial mount£25.00 Buy
40mm compass£2.50 Buy
AC523 Nikon adap£4.00 Buy
2" Guidescope adap £10.00 Buy
1.25" 10mm MA EP£8.00 Buy
CV-1 connector£2.50 Buy
0.965" Moon filter£1.75 Buy
Microscope disecting kit£7.00 Buy
49mm to T adap£3.00 Buy
A4 EQ1 tripod fit mount£20.00 Buy
Table-top tripod £4.00 Buy
100 glass cover slips£5.00 Buy
T to 41mm male adapt.£3.00 Buy
Pentax screw T mount£3.00 Buy
Olympus OM - T ring£3.50 Buy
ETX tripod top£10.00 Buy
ETX mounting top£9.00 Buy
1.25" 25mm MA EP£9.00 Buy
6x20 finder on 2 hole base£5.00 Buy
Vanguard neck strap£2.50 Buy
Black 6x20 finder£4.00 Buy
QR plate for tripod£2.50 Buy
M8 85mm bolts & W/nuts£2.50 Buy
76mm Newt OTA£25.00 Buy
1.25" Meade 25mm MA EP£12.00 Buy
Digi-scope brkt£6.00 Buy
A6 Zoom bino parts£5.00 Buy
A6 zoom binocular£5.00 Buy
A6 x50 prism box £5.00 Buy
50mm bino objective£5.00 Buy
Bino prism parts£5.00 Buy
Set of 3 weights£12.00 Buy
Pocket tripod£3.00 Buy
62mm T ext tube£5.00 Buy
AA 12V battery box£5.00 Buy
Mount for ETX£5.00 Buy
4.5" mirror & tube£10.00 Buy
Olympus digi adap£4.00 Buy
6x20 2 hole base finder£5.00 Buy
AC414s 1.25" webcam low prof NP£6.00 Buy
ETX to SCT wedge plate£10.00 Buy
10x50 bino case£2.50 Buy
Female T ring core£1.65 Buy
Female T ring core£1.75 Buy
ETX80 EP Hbx caddy£10.00 Buy
AC295 digi-camera rig£8.00 Buy
0.965" 18mm erecting eyepiece £2.00 Buy
Olympus Camedia T adapt£3.00 Buy
ETX DIY garden pier£15.00 Buy
Collimation knobs for 12" SCT£4.00 Buy
Collimation knobs for 10" SCT£4.00 Buy
ETX on SCT wedge plate£10.00 Buy
2" nosepiece ext tube.£5.00 Buy
Steel pier head for ETX£15.00 Buy
Phono plug splitter£1.75 Buy
AC668 Ext bar kit £6.00 Buy
Bottle for 8 to 24 zoom£1.75 Buy
Collimate knobs for 8" SCT£4.00 Buy
395g weight 11mm centre£5.00 Buy
Large bolt bottle£2.00 Buy
37mm filter thread to T adap£4.50 Buy
2 inch fit female dust cap£1.50 Buy
ETX 60/70/80 9V conn. lead£3.00 Buy